1 June 2021


Mr. Kiran Prakash Shah
Maharashtra Paper Company

Welcome to the PaperOne™ customer feature, where we interview our customers to find out more about them, their company, their thoughts about the industry, and their partnership with APRIL Group.

This month, we feature Mr. Kiran Prakash Shah, Managing Director of Maharashtra Paper Company.

PaperOne™: Hi Mr. Kiran Prakash Shah, we appreciate you taking the time to speak with us today. To begin, could you share a little more about Maharashtra Paper Company and your role within the company?

Mr. Kiran Prakash Shah: Certainly! Maharashtra Paper Company was established in 1965, and is one of the leading suppliers of coated and uncoated, wood-free packaging and speciality papers in over 58 countries worldwide. I’d say that my role within the company is very versatile, ranging from logistics all the way to research, but all in all, it’s my job to make sure that our customers are satisfied and leave with only the best quality products.

PaperOne™: To accomplish such growth in a span of 66 years is impressive! What would you say are the factors that sets your company apart from competitors?

Mr. Kiran Prakash Shah: I really believe that what sets us apart would be honesty. We always aim to work differently and innovate to provide our customers with the newest and the best, but it’s also our transparency that gets them to trust and believe in us. We also have a technical team within the company that helps educate customers about our products, for example, the importance of sustainability in paper and packaging, and how they can make better decisions when it comes to which product best suits their needs.

PaperOne™: That’s a wonderful thing to hear! Could you share with us more about your company’s sustainability efforts?

Mr. Kiran Prakash Shah: Definitely. We all know that paper is more sustainable when compared to plastic, so we highly encourage its use, and give solutions to replacing plastic whenever possible. In terms of workplace sustainability and sustainability in society, we have a scheme in place where underprivileged students are equipped with the opportunity and skills to produce paper cups and bags under Maharashtra Paper Company, and use the money that they earn to pay for their education. In the future, these skills will be beneficial to them as well.

PaperOne™: Wow, that truly is amazing. At APRIL Group, sustainability is an important pillar of our business model too. Speaking of which, could you share with our readers how your journey with APRIL Group has been over the years?

Mr. Kiran Prakash Shah: Sure thing. We’ve been working with APRIL Group since 2015 and it’s been a great journey so far. If I had to sum it up in three points, APRIL Group never fails to provide us with 1) the best quality products, 2) fantastic packaging, and of course 3) competitive prices. We really haven’t looked back since.

PaperOne™: Thank you for your kind words Mr. Kiran. To wrap things up, could you share with us an interesting fact about Maharashtra Paper Company?

Mr. Kiran Prakash Shah: At the top of my head, our paper is 100% environmentally friendly, being made from renewable raw materials and uses less energy than electric substitutes too! Thanks so much for having me.

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